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What are your current photography prices and packages?


When investing in any photographer, remember that it is so much more than just taking your photos on the day of. There’s the pre-planning, the expensive equipment, the endless hours of editing, and finally, the delivery of your photos. Because of this, I only take on a certain amount of weddings every year to ensure that my clients get the best possible service and care before, during, and after their big day. 


Wedding packages start at $1800.00, but the average client spends approximately $3000.00 on wedding photography, prints, and albums. Destination wedding prices vary, please contact me for a custom quote. 


Engagement and couple shoots start at $250.00, but most wedding packages include a complimentary engagement session when you book. If you wanted to book an engagement session before booking me for your wedding, your session fee will be taken off your final balance. 


For more specific pricing, or custom quotes, please contact me for the 2020 Investment Guide! 


How do you define your shooting style?


I shoot weddings and couples exactly how I want my big day to be photographed. I love the in-between moments that capture who you are together; that show a relationship, whether quiet or loud, soft or bold, silly or serious. While most of my images are dark and moody, I want to capture you. Not everyone is bright, clean and bubbly, and I want to capture those kind of people. I don't want to just be your wedding photographer. I want to create art, featuring you and all of your beautiful details. I want to create wall-worthy images that capture absolutely every details of your story - from start to finish. 


During your session, I start off with a few prompts verses poses. I want to see how you move naturally, how the two of you dance around each other, and how you hold yourself. As the session continues, it starts to feel more like a date than a photoshoot. As hard as it sounds, my goal is for you to forget I’m even there, and just enjoy the moment you are creating together while I capture it. 


Where are you based, and are you willing to travel?


Let me answer the second question – HECK YES I AM WILLING TO TRAVEL. In fact, I will happily give a heavy discount if you would like to bring me along on your adventure, whether tying the knot in the Dominican, or hiking through the mountains of Vancouver. 


My home is in Hamilton, Ontario, and before that, in Waterdown, Ontario. I love both areas and know locations in the area well. I work regularly out of Toronto, and previous clients have brought me to their cottage for their sessions, up north near Muskoka, and Port Elgin. So, yes, I am definitely willing to travel to you and explore new spots. 


How do we book you?


First, shoot me a message with your date (if you already have one) or a few dates (if you are still deciding on venues). That way, I can let you know right away if I am available for your big day. From there, I’d love to meet for a coffee (or in my case, tea!) and discuss your big day. Remember, your wedding photographer is with you all day, and it is so important to me that we connect before the big day. If you know for a fact you are ready to book, you can do so entirely online! All details can be shared via email, or Skype-style if you would like. A $500.00 deposit is due to secure your date, as well as a signed and completed client contract. Once your deposit and contract is received, your date is officially booked and we start the planning process! 


Before your big day, I ideally would see you 2 – 3 times. Once for the initial meeting, a second time for your engagement shoot, and a third to go over your timeline. I am always available for questions in between visits as well. 


How do we receive our images?


All images are shared through a digitally downloadable gallery. USBs can be added to any package, and albums and prints are also available a-la-carte. 


How many images do we receive?


Every wedding and event is completely different. It also depends on the package you select for your big day. Engagement and couple sessions can expect to receive anywhere from 30 – 50 images (but often receive more) and weddings can receive an upward of 800 images. I don’t put a limit on the amount of images, and give you as much variety in your final gallery as possible.


How long does it take to get our photos back?


I am a strong believer of sneak peeks and will send you a sneak peek (or a few!) within 48 hours of your session. From there, engagement sessions take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks for delivery, and weddings anywhere from 8 – 12 weeks. I always edit enough photos for invites, thank you cards, etc. within the first week so that you have them right away. 


Why does it take so long to get our photos back?


Remember what I said at the beginning – wedding photography, or any kind of photography, really, is so much more than just taking pictures on the day of. We need time to upload all the images, go through each individual image to make sure no one is blinking, turning their heads, waving their hands – the list goes on. From there, I hand-edit every. individual. image. Some images take me two minutes to edit, some take me up to 30 minutes – each image. Multiply that by the 800 images you’ll receive in your gallery, and the time adds up fairly quickly. Don’t worry – you will still get your sneak peeks within the next two days, and I won’t keep you waiting any longer than you have to. 


Can we have the RAW images?


In short, no. Photographers will very rarely hand out their RAW images, most often times because the client is actually looking for unedited images, versus RAW files that only open with photo-specific programs. 


As for unedited image, this is also a no. You wouldn’t ask your cake decorator to give you a cake that you decorate yourself – it’s a similar situation. So much is put into editing that your gallery would be incomplete without it. Trust me, you will absolutely love seeing the very best of yourself and your images with the final, edited galleries. 


How far in advance should we book?


The sooner, the better! I am currently booking weddings into 2021.


As soon as you have your venue locked down, I would also lock down your photographer. If you don’t have a specific date in mind, feel free to reach out to me before booking your date. I can give you a list of days that am currently available, and then you know that you are getting your first choice of vendors for your big day. 


Do you offer videography?


I focus solely on photography – videography is a whole new skill set that requires years of practice and different equipment. While I am not a videographer, I can certainly recommend some great ones in the area! 


How much time do we need for pictures on our wedding day?


Timeline prep is key to a stress-free, fun day. Please, please,pleaseinclude your photographer in helping to make your timeline. I have seen so many weddings and know what works best! 


Some venues have a pretty strict timeline for their ceremony times and reception times, especially if there is more than one wedding on the same day. While I can work fairly quickly, you never want to feel rushed on your big day. Set aside about 2 hours in between the ceremony and reception for pictures – that includes the family photos that every bride and groom’s mum wants, bridal party photos, and of course, special time with just the two of you. 


Do you offer prints and print products?


Yes! Printing images is so, so important to me, which is why two of my packages include a custom designed hardcover keepsake album that can be passed down to your kids, their kids, and so on. Once you receive your final gallery, you will be able to view a full list of print products and prices to order. They certainly make great gifts for parents, grandparents, and the bridal party!





Have more questions? I am here for you! Contact me to discuss further.